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Dr. Marie Feuer, Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.   Classes on meditation, psychic skills, healing methods, mystical practices
Life Path Soul Readings: Psychic Readings with Real Help on how to get through it all, Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places

Life Path Healings Services

To Schedule an appointment, or to ask Questions:  818-439-9929 cell/text  or email:   Dr.Marie@LifePathHealings.Com

PRICING: Readings are $50 per 30 minutes and are by appointment only.  Sessions can be recorded. 

See the Calendar Page of this website for Specialized Workshops offered by Dr. Marie.

WEEKLY CLASSES for Spiritual Cultivation and Development are offered in Yucaipa and Blue Jay California. Click here for details. 

Sessions are available in person, phone, Skype.  Remote phone/Skype appointments require Pre-payment  to confirm appointment time.

No remote phone/Skype appointments will be "held" without payment.
48 hr cancellation required.  Late appointments are considered a cancellation with no refund.

Intensive Monthly Studies: Become a Student and work monthly with Dr. Marie. Scroll down for details and application.

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Remote phone/Skype appointment times are not confirmed until payment is made.  48 hr cancellation required for all appointments. 

No remote phone/Skype appointment will be held without payment. Late appointments are considered a cancellation with no refund. 

Due to limited space, no refund on monthly work.  Late appointments are considered a cancellation with no refund.  Cash/Checks accepted only by prior arrangement.

Sessions and approximate amount of time needed

Life Path Predictive Soul Readings: 1.5 - 2 hours.  

More complex than astrology charts, Dr. Marie will describe your current concerns in detail and is able to tell you what is coming your way and how to work on it. Will there be challenges?  Why are you  here?  Who is helping you?   What did you come to learn and master this life ?  How can you better work with Spirit? Who is on the Other Side helping you?  

✫ Life Path Predictive Charts:  Why you are here as a Soul. Your strengths, your challenges. What you came to accomplish, and best ways to proceed
✫ Energy work for health issues and emotional concerns   
✫ Solutions based on  your current lifestyle choices
Transits: “What the heck is going on now, and how  going to last?”
Nut s & Bolts: Your immediate future , what is coming up, day to day problems and issues including physical health,  and “How to get through it”

Instead of Therapy: 1/2 to 2 hours

Dr. Marie is not licensed for therapy as her non-traditional work (since 1987) uses psychic and mystical practices, energy work and alternative approaches which were against licensing regulations when she began her private practice.  Instead of Therapy sessions involve sound psychological therapeutic techniques in combination with inter-dimensional karmic healings that will clear emotional issues as well as improve your physical well being and health. This work will involve more than one session and is scheduled on an "as needed" basis. It is meant for thedeeper work getting down to source material that has been interfering with one's ability to truly enjoy life.

Ongoing Readings  Typically 1 - 1.5 hours

You simply cannot receive all information or solve all problems in one session. The first session typically only addresses issues that need immediate attention. Deeper patterns, desires, challenges, need layers of work and one cannot receive some healings until you are stronger. Private sessions give you intensely personalized attention and energy work that addresses physical healing, psychological issues, and spiritual blocks.  You will also have "homework" that will help you grow stronger both in earth skills and spiritual connections. Your work between individual sessions will be supported by Dr. Marie who, in addition to her Spiritual gifts, has decades of  professional education and training in Health Psychology and offers solutions for time management, organizational and leadership skills, conflict resolution, weight loss and other life challenges. Dr. Marie is unique in that she combines your Life Path Soul Evolution with down to earth real life skill sets and teachings.

Intensive Monthly Studies with Dr. Marie: LEVEL 1

Psychic Evolutionary Soul Work in combination with Real Life Problem Solving:  Personalized monthly Guidance & Energy Work to help you get "unstuck" and move forward.  $400 for the first month, then$300 each consecutive monthly enrollment. Price goes down when you move to Level 2 which can happen within a month... or can take longer.. Due to limited space, there is no refund for the month once you enroll.  Stopping and starting again activates the $400 start fee. Read a testimonial here.

Only a few students are accepted each month. Dr. Marie approaches each person as an individual and there is no standardized formula or procedure.  Dr. Marie uses information accessed from her Guides and Your Guides to get you on track and keep you on track with your Soul purpose while solving real life problems and teaching you Earth skills.  She and her Guides offer you energetic protection and Guidance while you are working as her Student.  This behind the scenes work dissolves karmic and present time blocks. You will feel and see the results in your inner world and your outer world of daily life.

Readings offer you a trail map. Each trail has pitfalls. That is the nature of life, and the fun of the trail.  Dr. Marie can get you through difficult parts of the trails when you commit to work with her as her Student. In addition to her Psychic Gifts and her numerous Spiritual Healing Practices, Dr. Marie has an extensive employment background and education in psychology, career development, time management, organizational skills, conflict resolution, corporate training,  leadership development,  and many other tools to help you cope and grow..... as a SOUL having a human experience. You will be asked to work on both an energetic level and  to learn and practice down to earth skills to improve the quality of your life as you continue to grow. Having the skilled Guidance of Dr. Marie does not take away your life challenges, rather Dr. Marie gives you assistance and the resources to successfully negotiate the challenges you set up for yourself in this life .

You will be given specific work to do. For some people it will be Spiritual work, for some Earth Plane, for some both.  Be prepared to dedicate time and energy to this monthly commitment. You will need to spend a few hours a week in order to do the work designed for your growth and progress.  You will not be able to cram the work into one day;  you will need some daily time to work, reflect and write to Dr. Marie. 

Getting a Reading is like getting a trail map, however when on the trail you often need a real life Guide.  Readings can give you information  but life can be very challenging and often one can miss opportunities, get stuck, or be too afraid to move forward.  If you are tired of  hitting a brick wall to learn your lessons,  Dr. Marie can help you learn faster and in softer ways.   For those of you who have the time, and are having difficulties in your life right now or are feeling lost or stuck, this monthly commitment will help you more than the occasional Reading.

Intensive Monthly Studies with Dr. Marie: LEVEL 2

Level 2 is primarily for those familiar with feeling and working with energies and Guides, able to meditate, and comfortable with writing in a journal.  Psychic Evolutionary Soul Work in combination with Real Life Problem Solving:  Personalized monthly Guidance & Energy Work to help you get "unstuck" and move forward. $300 for the first month then $200 each consecutive monthly enrollment. If you are coming in from Level 1 work, you will start at the $200 monthly rate , immediately.  Due to limited space, there is no refund for the month once you enroll.  Stopping and starting again activates the $300 start fee.Read a testimonial here.

While getting Readings is wonderful, what is more wonderful is cultivating your own practice so you develop a strong and steady connection with Spirit.  Level 2 Studies with Dr. Marie moves you to a place where you are in a clear and viable relationship with your Guides, with Source, and with your Self. This work is for people who's Earth Plane life is in a peaceful place (no looming crises) and for those who already have a personal Spiritual Practice (other than reading some books) who wish to accelerate and commit to their strengthening their Spiritual Development. The Level 2 studies focuses on energetic practices to deepen your connection to the Higher Self and to Source. You will be able to increase your intuitive skills, deepen your meditation, discover and hone any natural talents in the healing arts (working with crystals, animal communication, healing work, Readings, oracle cards etc). You will also learn to stay grounded while expanding, use boundaries when working with others, protect yourself from over use and many other concepts necessary to be a balanced, functional Soul having a human experience.

Only a few students are accepted each month.  You need to be self motivated, able to communicate easily and openly, able to write clearly and specifically, able to commit to doing different practices, and have the time to reflect and write about you experiences. You must also have a background of meditation. You do not have to enroll in the Basic Studies as a prerequisite, however if you are new to Dr. Marie (not attending classes or never had a Reading with her) you might need an initial session at a separate cost.

As will all her work, Dr. Marie approaches each person as an individual and there is no standardized formula or procedure. With this work,  Dr. Marie
is guided by her formidable psychic access to your Life Path and Soul Evolution.  You will be given specific work to do and Dr. Marie will be working with you energetically (some of you will feel this, some will not).  Be prepared to dedicate time and energy to this monthly commitment. You will need to spend a few hours a week in order to do the work designed for your growth and progress.  You will not be able to cram the work into one day;  you will need some daily time to work, reflect and write to Dr. Marie. 

Past Life and  Life Between Lives Meditation Regressions: 3 -4 hours average
Discover your past lives through regression.  Dr. Marie also can take you to the place between lives with a life between lives regression. Understand this life better by exploring why you came here this life.  Meet your guides, your Council, your Soul group.  Re-discover and remember your Spiritual purpose for this life, the trail you picked to travel and the challenges you set up. to enable you to grow as a Soul. In-person visit required for this work; no remote sessions.

Physical Health:  $50 for energy session 

Tired of taking pills?  Have chronic physical issues? Dr. Marie's powerful Energy Work is a must. Some physical ailments are Karmic and some are present time. Dr. Marie's psychic gifts will identify the complexities involved and she will guide you back to health. Dr Marie has been cultivating her Spiritual energies since 1970's and uses channeled healing energies to shift your current Reality on physical and non-physical levels employing her vast array of energy and healing protocols.  In addition,  Dr. Marie has been using proven methods of alternative medicine since 1990. 

Follow up:  Dr. Marie will assist you with suggested energetic solutions (meditations, crystals, Bach Flowers and more)  as well as non-prescription solutions for emotional upsets, addictions, and chronic physical ailments if you are willing to do the follow up. This would include researched alternative medicine, herbs, homeopathy, diet/nutrition, supplements, exercises and more.

Quick Follow-Up Reading: 30 minutes for people who have been here before
If you have had sessions with Dr. Marie in the past, and have quick questions about upcoming events or about a Past Reading, This is the session for you.  

New People:  Quick Reading (by phone only)  30 minutes
Contact Dr. Marie to make arrangements. If you need a quick answer to a simple situation (where is my cat, when will I get a job, etc) this is the session to choose for quick psychic answers.  If you have seen Dr. Marie in the past, or attend classes, you can arrange for an In-Person Session.
If you are a new person, Dr. Marie will only provide a first time 30 minute session by phone or Skype.

Card Readings: 1 - 1.5 hours
These Readings are psychic, but the use of cards allows one to continue to meditate and contemplate the deeper meanings presented by Spirit via the cards. Dr. Marie uses one of 5 decks: Osho Zen, Sacred Path (Native American), Medicine Cards (Native American - animal totems), MotherPeace  (Goddess), or the classic Tarot.  A picture is taken of the Reading giving  you the opportunity to re-visit the Reading. 

New Year Reading:  1.5 - 2 hours
Using two oracle decks this is a month by month Reading for the New Year.  During the Reading you will get an overview of the path for the coming year and the Guidance given for each month. This Reading is a tool that you can go back to and consult during the entire year. It teaches you to better use oracle cards, receive Guidance as well as give you tools to better navigate your year.