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Dr. Marie Feuer, Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA. Classes on meditation, mystical practices, psychic skills, healing methods,
Life Path Soul Readings: Complex psychic sessions and tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places

Dr. Marie has been talking to animals since childhood. In addition to dogs, horses, and cats, she has worked with snakes, birds, raccoons, bunnies, rats, bears,and exotics.  She enhanced her natural skills with years of study in animal behavior, animal health and nutrition,  and animal behavioral psychology (just because you love your animal doesn't mean you are providing care or an environment appropriate to the species.)

A Reading will give you insight, but not necessarily the tools to help facilitate the changes. Just like telling your spouse to do something rarely works, so it is true with animals. We don't just get to boss humans or non-humans around (if only life was that simple, no?). Sometimes a pet is unhappy due to nutritional or environmental issues that can be easily corrected. Sometimes behavioral work is needed to help a pet with social skills in a human or mixed pet environment. And almost always, it is the human that needs to learn and make some changes. In domestic situations, the human is in control of and in charge of the animal environment, diet and exercise. We have a responsibility to be educated. Love is not enough.

Behavioral and/or Environmental Rehabilitation including Energy Work for your pets:  In addition to talking to your pet, Dr. Marie's knowledge of animal psychologies and her added gift of energy work improve your pet's well being both physically and emotionally. You can learn how to be a better pet caregiver.  Local only.  Dr. Marie travels to your location. Single or group sessions can be accommodated.  Contact Dr. Marie to make arrangements. 

Energy Sessions for physical and emotional health: ​ sessions are typically 30 minutes which costs $50
Pets often do better with an in-person visit. Dr. Marie's energy work and direct communications will bring instant relief to your beloved pet. However,you may need a Reading yourself to be able to make corrections in you behavior towards your pet, and to improve on the care you are giving.

Readings for Pets and Owners:  ​30 minutes $50
Readings for pets help you can learn what is going on with your beloved pet both physically and emotionally. Typically a communication with a pet will NOT solve the problem... just like communicating "do this now" or "do it this way" to your child or spouse .... how does that work? Not so much. Information is good, changing behavior is better.

To Schedule or ask Questions:  818-439-9929 cell/text   or email  Dr.Marie@LifePathHealings.Com

In Person or by Phone/Skype:  Readings for and about your beloved animal family members can be done via phone or in person.  Behavioral  re-learning needs to be done on site in person. You can also arrange a group meeting for behavioral teachings to help rehabilitate an animal and to teach owners and care givers better skills.You can also arrange a group meeting for behavioral teachings to help rehabilitate an animal and to teach owners and care givers better skills.  APPOINTMENT  REQUIRED FOR ALL SESSIONS.  Sessions can be recorded. 
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