By Appointment Only.  $120 per hour.  Sessions available in-person,phone,Skype/video chat

Contact Dr Marie if you have any questions.    DrMarie@LifePathHealings.Com       818-439-9929 cell/text

Spirit Sessions with tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places.

Teachings for Soul Evolution, Clairsentient/Clairvoyant, Energy Healings, Alternative Medicines, Animal Communication & Psychology.

Dr. Marie Feuer, PhD Health Psychology, Mystic. @ Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.  Private work & Classes: Readings, meditation, healing.

We chose this life to progress as a soul.  We all come here to have experiences that help us evolve as a Spiritual Being. For some of us, we chose to come here and have a life of fun. Some of us came here to climb mountains; usually we do both in a lifetime. We learn about acceptance, compassion, surrender, and how to be a warrior in our own evolution and our own Spiritual Path of healing. We learn to take action from Guidance rather than from our wounds or ego. We are now able to hear and listen to the whispers of Spirit and follow Guidance because we have had the courage and persistence to do the work to heal our heart.

A Reading with Dr. Marie can help you understand what you came here to accomplish, what strengths you came in with, and what weaknesses you came in with. With this information you can better prepare for your Life Path by knowing your strengths and the areas you need to better prepare.  Readings give us a map of what is to come and help us understand events that happened.

A map alone does not give you the skills or support to travel the is only the map. Dr. Marie's extensive background in Spiritual Healing and Mystical Arts (40 years of study, 32 years as a practitioner) as well has her Earth plane expertise in psychology (including animal psychology), teaching, leadership training, career development, natural health and alternative medicines make Life Path Healings a center for people to  develop their Spiritual, Esoteric, Psychic and Healing skills AND the place to get one's Earth plane life in order,  so your physical life, your emotional life and your financial life are in harmony with your Spiritual development.

We cannot change the river (that is Spirit), however, we can read the currents and then with a better ability to navigate (through having a Spiritual Practice) our ride can be much more fun. If, for example, we know rapids are coming up, we can tie everything down, put on our wet gear and get ready; it is a blast. If we don’t know rapids are coming up, then we can be caught unawares and tip over, lose everything and hit the rocks! 

That is the gift of Readings; to help us know the currents of the river, to know the twists and turns of the mountain path, so we can accept that we already signed up for the trip. Now we can  prepare for it,  and use the experience to learn and have fun.

Our Practice:
Come from the Heart and Be of Service

Honor the body with good health and exercise
Honor the Self by practicing meditation and having healthy boundaries

Treat all the elements, mineral, animal, plant, fowl, fish, reptile, as sentient beings

Cultivate our energies with a daily Practice: meditation, prayer, and seeking Guidance
Model the courage and resolve needed to evolve, in order to be an example to others

Purify the Self mentally and emotionally; this expands our ability to be a clear channel for the Guidance given by Spirit

Having cultivated our Self and continuing to have a real Spiritual Practice, we are now able to connect with the Energy of Source before helping others, in order to be a True Servant and not act from from the wounded Self or Ego

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