Spirit Sessions with tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places.

Teachings for Soul Evolution, Clairsentient/Clairvoyant, Energy Healings, Alternative Medicines, Animal Communication & Psychology.

Dr. Marie Feuer, PhD Health Psychology, Mystic. @ Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.  Private work & Classes: Readings, meditation, healing.

Dr. Marie organized her first demonstration against racism when she was 11 years old. From 17 years until 23 she was an activist for social justice, fair elections for all, treaty rights for Native Americans, equal rights for LBGQT, people of color, women, Native Americans, and more.  She lived and worked in some of the poorest urban and rural areas of the USA. Working as a community organizer, educator, and activist  for under-represented populations she faced gun fire, tear gas, arrest and had many other hair raising adventures working for peace and social justice.  Her activism continued for years in addition to her work as a Professor for at risk students (those who do not fit into mainstream education). Her concern and activism to help Earth and its peoples (including all creatures great and small) morphed into her continued Spiritual and Energetic work. 

Dr. Marie began meditating when she worked with the Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) in 1970. Her Spiritual Work began in 1973 when she met and was asked to travel with the Lakota Medicine Man, Leonard Crow Dog. (In those days, the Teachers chose the students; you could not hire a "teacher" and pay for a certification.) This began years of study with practitioners and Teachers. She began giving her profound predictive Life Path Readings in 1987 encouraged by her Taoist Teacher who trained her natural  talent. In addition to her innate talents and gifts, she has been blessed to have extraordinary human and non-human (Spirits) Teachers.  Her personal spiritual cultivation includes years of study and work with old time metaphysical masters, Native American medicine men and women, channeled entities, Taoist energy workers and psychics. She has studied numerology life charts, remote healing methods, homeopathy, herbs, tantra,  and many other modalities.  Her studies, meditations, and spiritual practices continue to grow each year.

Dr. Marie's mainstream training includes a PhD in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicines and years of study and practice with classic psychological therapeutic models,  family and relationship work, twelve-step processes, nutritional and body/mind/spirit healing, complementary, alternative, and quantum medicine especially as relates to mood issues and mood disorders. She has had successful mainstream careers as a community organizer, Professor, corporate and leadership trainer (for details see: Dr. MarieFeuer on LinkedIn) and offers talented real world expertise in unique combination with deep spiritual practices including but not limited to predictive Life Path Readings.

This vast array of experiences and disciplines gives Dr. Marie a special talent whereby she can identify and address a person's spiritual crises as well as earth plane issues. She is then able to provide solutions based on solid well researched methodologies in addition to implementing unusual spiritual and trans-dimensional interventions.  Dr. Marie specializes in her ability to  integrate the spiritual beliefs and individual world outlook of each person, and then provide new contextual frameworks to view life’s challenges, identify gifts, find solutions, and pursue personal dreams.

Dr. Marie Feuer's Training, Education and Skill Set

Spiritual Arts and Practices

  • Natural Gifts since childhood: Psychic, Animal Communicator

  • Taoist Studies (meditation, energy work, readings) with Leong Tan and Wong Loh Sin  (1986-2014)

  • Trained in: Numerology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Remedies, Pendulum, Entity Removal, Angelic Transmissions, Crystal Healings and Meditations, Energy Work, Quantum Healing, Animal Communication  (1986-2014)

  • Medical Intuitive, Complementary and Alternative Medicines for physical issues and emotional challenges (depression, anxiety, obsessive behaviors and  more) including herbs, homeopathy, Weston A. Price nutrition (and others), flower and gemstone remedies, magnetic therapy, training in Quantum Medicine and Remote Healing (1984-2014) 

  • Pythagorean based Balancing Meditation (1978-1986)

  • Native American Studies including traveling with Medicine Man Leonard Crow Dog, Richard Erdoes, Huichol shamanism with Brant Secunda (Dance of the Deer) (1973-1986)

  • ​Introduced to Meditation and the Power of Prayer. There is that of “God” in every Person, Religious Society of Friends (1970-1976)

​Professional Credentials    [For detailed CV see:  LinkedIn: Marie Feuer PhD ]

  • PhD, Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicines, Body/Mind/Spirit solutions for emotional and physical health. Summa Cum Laude, Northcentral University (2012)

  • Professor:  Psychology, Healing Modalities, Organizational Development and Leadership (1994-2013)

  • Educational Leadership (1997-2013)

  • Organizational and Leadership Development (1970-2013)

  • Workshop Developer and Leader: Community Organizing, Conflict Resolution, Prison Workshops, American Indian Movement ...and many others.... (1970-1977)