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Psychic Gifts mentioned in the Bible.

Spirit Sessions with tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places.

Teachings for Soul Evolution, Clairsentient/Clairvoyant, Energy Healings, Alternative Medicines, Animal Communication & Psychology.

Dr. Marie Feuer, PhD Health Psychology, Mystic. @ Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.  Private work & Classes: Readings, meditation, healing.

Ongoing weekly classes for meditation and personal Spiritual  development as well as specialized workshops in Mystic Arts are offered in Yucaipa CA.  All classes and workshops may also be attended remotely via video apps.  Click/tap on Calendar dates for detailed information of each event.  Payments accepted by cash, check, PayPal.Me/DrMarie or Venmo.  Pre-payment is required 24 hours in advance for remote attendance.  RSVP REQUIRED.  Late RSVP's for any class or workshop are accepted but you must receive a confirmation reply from Dr Marie when giving a late RSVP to confirm your attendance.  RSVP: text to 818-439-9929

For a detailed description of what to expect at the Weekly Classes click/tap here.    

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