Sessions are $135 per hour, $70 per half hour, and are by appointment only and are available in-person or online or phone. Sessions are recorded.

30 minute sessions are available for quick question and answers. $70 and only by phone or online..

Remote phone/Skype appointment times are not confirmed until payment is made. 

No remote phone/online appointment will be held without payment.
48 hr cancellation required for all appointments. 10 Minutes late are considered a cancellation with no refund.
An instant refund will be issued if your session runs shorter than planned. No refund on monthly work. Cash/Checks also accepted.

To schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions: cell/text 818-439-9929 

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Preferred Payment Method is VENMO.     (Marie-Feuer  LifePathHealings)                             


We also take Zelle.

Spirit Sessions with tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places.

Teachings for Soul Evolution, Clairsentient/Clairvoyant, Energy Healings, Alternative Medicines, Animal Communication & Psychology.

Dr. Marie Feuer, PhD Health Psychology, Mystic. @ Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.  Private work & Classes: Readings, meditation, healing.

​​You are encouraged to contact Dr. Marie before making an appointment to discuss options with her. Each person is different and has different needs. Dr. Marie will help you choose what will best assist you at this time. There is no charge for this initial contact. (Phone number and email are at the top of this page).

You do not have to "choose" from the information below so do not let it overwhelm you. Dr. Marie and Spirit will ultimately make the decisions. But if you are new to Spirituality or are a "survivor" of new age nonsense these descriptions will give you a better idea of the kind of work you can do with Dr. Marie to improve the quality of your personal life as well as develop Spiritual Talents.

Below are descriptions of some of the kinds of work Dr. Marie offers students and clients.  If you wish to read more detailed information about these descriptons, click here.

Life Path Predictive Soul Readings: 1.5 - 2 hours.  

More complex than astrology charts, Dr. Marie will describe your current concerns in detail and is able to tell you what is coming your way and how to work on it.

"Instead of Therapy" : weekly or on an as needed basis, 1/2 to 2 hours

Dr. Marie is not licensed for therapy as her non-traditional work (since 1987) uses psychic and mystical practices, energy work and alternative approaches which were against licensing regulations when she began her private practice.  Instead of Therapy sessions involve sound psychological therapeutic techniques in combination with inter-dimensional karmic healings that will clear emotional issues as well as improve your physical well being and health. 

Horses and Your Heart : Work by yourself, also outstanding work for couples, or friends or family members to work together,1 to 2 hours.

Sacred Horses and your heart open you to deep healing. You will also receive energetic validations that will touch deeply touch and heal your Heart. No horse experience is necessary.

Ongoing Accelerated Spiritual Development: weekly or on an as needed basis, 1/2 - 2 hours

You simply cannot reach your full potential as a Spiritual Being with one Reading or one session with Dr. Marie. Ongoing personal sessions with a chosen Teacher accelerates your Spiritual Growth and the development of your Gifts.

Intensive Monthly Studies: Getting your Earth life in order and working with your Spiritual Gifts 

Psychic Evolutionary Soul Work in combination with Real Life Problem Solving:  Personalized monthly Guidance & Energy Work to help you get "unstuck" and move forward.  You will need to have a 1/2 hour or hour session to start the monthly work then the cost is $333 for each month of enrollment. Due to limited space, there is no refund for the month once you enroll.  Stopping and starting again will require another 1/2 hour or hour session to start the monthly enrollment. This enrollment requires weekly "homework" and a 1/2 hour remote (phone or video) check in with Dr. Marie regarding your work and your progress. The 1/2 check in sessions can be extended for an extra cost. Read a testimonial here.

Only a few students are accepted each month. Dr. Marie approaches each person as an individual and there is no standardized formula or procedure.  Dr. Marie uses information accessed from her Guides and Your Guides to get you on track and keep you on track with your Soul purpose while solving real life problems and teaching you Earth skills.  While getting Readings is wonderful, what is more wonderful is cultivating your own practice so you develop a strong and steady connection with Spirit.  With your Earth life in good shape Dr. Marie can then move you to a place where you are in a clear and viable relationship with your Guides, with Source, and with your Self. This progression is for people who's Earth Plane life is in a peaceful place (no looming crises) and for those who already have a personal Spiritual Practice (other than reading some books) who wish to accelerate and commit to their strengthening their Spiritual Development. This work with Dr. Marie focuses on energetic practices to deepen your connection to the Higher Self and to Source.

Entity Removal: 1 hour

Most everyone carries entities on them. Many are not much more annoying than ticks but others can be the cause of or contribute to physical, emotional, behavioral and even mental health issues.

Energetic Feng Shui: Varies depending on what needs to be done and the size of the property
Houses and work spaces have energy fields which can either enhance or disrupt your own energy field, your productivity, and even your sense of harmony and relaxation. Dr. Marie can balance and enhance these energies.

Physical Health and Nutritional Psychology: Comprehensive mind, body, spirit assessment for the formulation of a personal plan for healing your physical symptoms (which may have their origins in your diet/toxins, emotions, or spirit) including sexual issues,  addictions, obsessive behaviors and more 1.5 to 2 hours (you will need follow up sessions, typically 30 minute sessions)

Tired of taking pills?  Have chronic physical issues? Some physical ailments are Karmic and some are present time. Dr. Marie's powerful Energy Work is a must. Dr. Marie's psychic gifts along with her skills with non-Western medicines will identify the complexities involved and she will guide you back to health.

Quick Follow-Up Phone Reading: Only for people who have already worked with Dr. Marie, 30 minutes
If you have had sessions with Dr. Marie in the past, and have quick questions about upcoming events or about a Past Reading, This is the session for you. Available by phone, Skype or Hangouts only. Please prepare your questions in advance as this is not enough time for an open ended Reading. 

New People:  Quick Phone Reading  30 minutes
Contact Dr. Marie to make arrangements. If you need a quick answer to a simple situation (where is my cat, when will I get a job, etc) this is the session to choose for quick psychic answers. Please prepare your questions in advance as this is not enough time for an open ended Reading. 
Available only via phone, Skype, Hangouts.

Card Readings: 1 - 1.5 hours
These Readings are psychic, but the use of cards allows one to continue to meditate and contemplate the deeper meanings presented by Spirit via the cards. Dr. Marie uses one of 5 decks: Osho Zen, Sacred Path (Native American), Medicine Cards (Native American animal totems), MotherPeace  (Goddess), or the classic Tarot.  A picture is taken of the Reading giving  you the opportunity to re-visit the Reading. 

Sacred Path Native American Shamanic Reading: 1 - 1.5 hours
Dr. Marie began her studies and trainings with Native American Medicine People in the 1970’s.

New Year Reading: 1 - 1.5 hours
Using two oracle decks this is a month by month Reading for the New Year.