Spirit Sessions with tools to get through it all. Shadow Work to bring Light to your dark places.

Teachings for Soul Evolution, Clairsentient/Clairvoyant, Energy Healings, Alternative Medicines, Animal Communication & Psychology.

Dr. Marie Feuer, PhD Health Psychology, Mystic. @ Life Path Healings, Yucaipa,CA.  Private work & Classes: Readings, meditation, healing.

Testimonials/Reviews:  Life Path Healings, a Spiritual Practice for Soul Evolution

I have known, and have been working with Marie for about 15 years now. My life has gone through many changes since our first meeting. Marie gave me suggestions that opened new ideas and new doors for me. I would have never even thought of the things she said, without her help. With each door I went through, my life became happier and richer. Of course, there were hard days… but Marie’s down-to-earth and humorous counseling helped me navigate the tough ones. Nothing in life is free, and many things that we want are not easy to get. I now enjoy a high degree of satisfaction personally, artistically, spiritually and professionally, and can honestly say that I would not have been able to make it to this point without Marie. Thank you for everything, Marie .***  Noel, Former CPA, , current Teacher,Artist and Mom

I found our last conversation to be incredibly helpful and timely. When I had my first reading with you, it “kicked off” a new way of thinking for me and I can remember a distinct sense of relief. Since then, by accessing the new perceptions our readings showed me, I’ve felt the pieces start to come together for me. Specifically, our last discussion touched on issues so close that I’ve never quite be able to get my  arms around them. Slowly I’ve been implementing the things we discussed and already I can see the positive effects start to penetrate my life. Money doesn’t “pay” for the peace of mind that I am slowly but steadily gaining. It is however one small way that I can let you know what an impact you’ve been on me. The value of your gift far exceeds any payment.Thank you once again for the wisdom/understanding you’ve been able to impart.
*** CD, Financial Manager Goldman Sachs, NYC

I have spoken to Marie over the last 15 years. She has given me insights and information which has helped me navigate my life more effectively. Marie’s gift is an uncanny ability to see right to the “heart” of any situation. I began speaking to Marie at age 33 and am now 50, over the years I have come to trust her. Wherever I am in my life, she is right there with me.
*** Katherine, Dancer, Business Owner, Mom in Arkansas.

Don’t you wish you could find a person with a metaphysical mind, a psychologist’s knowledge, an accurate psychic, and the insight to weave this information  together and convey it to you just like your most favorite teacher ever? Please meet Marie Feuer. *** Dr. K , Chiropractor, Remote Healer

I almost never give a recommendation to anyone, but Marie is an exception…and exceptional.  It’s not just that she’s gifted, perceptive, wise and kind.   She’s also honest, which is often much tougher, certainly rarer, and infinitely valuable.  I’ve known Marie for almost 30 years.  She will give you tender care and profound insight when you need it most. ***  LAD, Corporate Consultant,  Southern California

I had always considered "readings"  to be a bit of fun, not to be taken seriously.  But then I had a reading by Dr. Marie Feuer,   It was an amazing experience.   I hate to be trite but she really hit the bull's eye.  She  explained so much including things that I never understood about my life, The reading  answered huge basic and very personal questions, and gave me tools to use.   I was, and still am, completely impressed with her insight, intelligence, kindness  and honesty.   Dr. Feuer is truly gifted.  I have returned for other readings, and I have recommended her to  my friends.  A reading with Dr. Feuer is worthwhile and extremely useful for anyone.  *** NIna J, Professor, Choreographer 

I've had Readings and therapeutic sessions with Marie for the past four years and I feel very lucky for having met her. Her deep honesty, compassion, sympathy and incredible ability to "see" what is going on is priceless. Marie helped me to work on many issues; she guided me to take all the steps I needed in order to better understand myself and my life. She showed me the way to appreciation and acceptance in order to be more balanced and ready to receive the gifts that life has for me. In the beginning I thought the work would be hard, and take a long time, but under her guidance events and my energy shifted very quickly.  She also helped me to communicate with my pet when she was ill and assisted me during the inevitable transition making me understand that it was not the end, that the bond and the energy between us will continue to exist. I cannot recommend her enough, whether it's  for a Reading, communicating with pets, or spiritual therapy. I'm extremely grateful for her talents and availability and in my sessions with her I always received much more than I expected.  *** Suzanne, Horses at Liberty

Below are from Yelp 2014:

My first reading with Marie was a gift. I had been going through the hardest time of my life, I was frustrated and had no perspective, or context for my state of being at that time. And Marie gave it to me. Through patient, tough love, and her bat phone to the universe, she was able to guide me on this rafting trip, as she calls it. You know that she cares not only about you, but the responsibility that comes when you guide people through good times and bad. I always hear her voice in the back if my head when I stray from her advise, and usually regret it! No matter what you believe it why, a consultation with Marie is always energy well spent. The universe will thank you. *** Tienna

I have recently started going to Marie's meditation sessions at the Life Path Healings Center in Yucaipa and I have to say I am very impressed with her intuition and her real life guidance.  I have been looking for a spiritual outlet that did not make me feel uncomfortable and conformed with my own spiritual beliefs for quite a while.  She has lifted my heart and makes me feel encouraged.  Marie has a great sense of humor - she makes me laugh.  I look forward to utilizing her exclusive talent to help me guide my own unique life path.  Melinda S.

Marie is amazing.  Not only does she have a gift - she is a gift.  I was given a reading from Marie as a gift for my 40th birthday from a friend that is a long time client of Marie's. It couldn't have come at a better time; I had just turned 40, discovered my young son was diagnosed with autism, had difficulties with my marriage, was unclear about a lot of life decisions and paths.  I spoke with Marie over the phone; her voice calm, her approach direct, her perspective unique, made the session different  from anything I had experienced before. I found her reading humorous, truthful, and extremely accurate. Not vague or ambiguous but really personal and detailed.  I am a very open person, have done my fair share of "soul seeking" and continue to do so... but I am also a realist with a healthy dose of careful skepticism. Marie's reading helped me tremendously  to clearly see things of the past, resolve and accept situations of my present, and prepare and look forward to the future. I have always referred to her as 'the real deal'. Her own life challenges, curiosities and explorations coupled by a PHD in psychology gives pure insight with levity. Highly recommend !!   *** Carrie

I really can't recommend Marie's work highly enough. She's terrific. Deeply tuned in, really empathetic. There are so many frauds out there (and so many people who are self-deluded or empty bags of New Age woo-woo). Marie is the opposite. She's solid. And caring. And really really good. I've known her for a long time (since 1985), and she's consistently on target and very helpful. No matter what your problem; no matter what your stage of life...I'll bet she can provide insight and help.  And she does sessions via phone or Skype, if you can't see her in person, which is really convenient.  *** Roy K

I only have had one short "introductory" session with Dr. Feuer, but my goodness what a lot of information! This lady is amazing! She is so intuitive, so intelligent and fun to talk with. It usually takes a little while with traditional therapy, but I feel as though she knows me! I will definitely use her services again and again. She has a tremendous gift, and I highly recommend her. You will definitely get your money's worth if if you know what I mean. (Those of you who have spent years in therapy should get my drift.) *** Heather

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